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R.I.P. - Lance Corporal Peter Eustace

Lance Corporal Peter Eustace. Picture: via MODIt is with sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm that Lance Corporal Peter Eustace from 2nd Battalion The Rifles (2 RIFLES) was killed in Afghanistan on Wednesday 16 November 2011.

Lance Corporal Peter Eustace. Picture: via MOD

Lance Corporal Peter Eustace, 2 RIFLES, deployed to Afghanistan as a mortar fire controller with Delhi Company of 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (1 YORKS), attached to Combined Force Nahr-e Saraj (North) in Helmand province.
He was killed by an improvised explosive device (IED) on 16 November 2011 while conducting a joint patrol with his Company and the Afghan National Army.
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Marines Won't Follow Army's Lead on new Carbine

The Marine Corps will not follow the Army if it selects a replacement for its M4 carbine but instead will settle on improving its fleet of M16A4s and M4s, acquisition officials told lawmakers Wednesday.
South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson asked about the Corps’ carbine plans at a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee’s Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces.
“Does the Marine Corps plan to procure a new carbine to replace the M4 or M16 and what is the Marine Corps’s current and future strategy for a new small arms weapon?” asked Wilson, whose district includes gun-maker FN Manufacturing LLC, a contender in the Army’s improved carbine competition.
In June, the Army invited vendors to submit proposals for off-the-shelf carbines that could replace the M4, made by Colt Defense LLC. Senior Army leaders first announced a plan to hold a competition for a new carbine in November 2008, in the face of congressional scrutiny over the service’s devotion to the M4 in spite of its shortcomings.
The Marines, however, have decided they have no plans to spend money on a new individual weapon.
“There is no replacement for the [M4] carbine,” said Brig. Gen. Daniel O'Donohue, director of the Capabilities Development Directorate, Combat Development and Integration for the Marine Corps.

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Afghan police (ANP) kill 2 Taliban commanders

KABUL, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- 

Police killed two Taliban commanders in an operation in southern Afghan province of Uruzgan on Wednesday, Interior Ministry said in a press release Thursday.

"Personnel of National Police during an operation raided Taliban hideouts in Uruzgan's provincial capital Trinkot Wednesday night and killed two commanders namely Mullah Nimatullah and Qari Hayatullah," the press release said.

Both commanders were responsible for organizing suicide attacks, roadside bombings and targeting security forces in Trinkot and adjoining areas, the press release added.

27 insurgents killed, 6 captured in Afghanistan

KABUL, Nov. 17  -- 
Afghan security forces, backed by NATO-led Coalition troops, have killed 27 insurgents and captured six others over the past 24 hours, the Afghan Interior Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

"The Afghan National Police (ANP), Afghan National Army and Coalition Forces launched six joint operations in surrounding areas of Kabul, Kunar, Nangarhar, Kapisa, Kunduz and Kandahar provinces over the past 24 hours," the ministry said in a statement.

"As a result of these operations, 27 armed insurgents were killed and six others were arrested by the ANP," it said, adding the ANP also discovered and confiscated a handful of weapons and ammunitions during the above operations.

Afghan officials often use the word "insurgents" referring to the Taliban.
Taliban insurgents, whose regime was toppled in a U.S.-led incursion in late 2001, have intensified activities since the militant group launched a spring offensive against Afghan and NATO- led troops stationed in Afghanistan on May 1, have yet to make comments.

Afghan and NATO-led coalition forces keep up pressure on insurgents all over the country as over 400 insurgents had been killed and around 580 detained by joint forces since the beginning of October, according to the Afghan interior ministry.


9 killed in U.S. drone strike in NW Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Nov. 17  --

At least nine people were killed in a U.S. drone strike launched Thursday afternoon in Pakistan's northwest tribal area of North Waziristan which borders Afghanistan, reported local Urdu TV channel ARY.

According to the report, four missiles were fired by U.S. drones at a house suspected of being a militant hideout in the Razmak area of North Waziristan, a haven of militants along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area.

This is the fourth strike by U.S. drones in Pakistan since this month and the 63rd of its kind (both counted on daily basis) in 2011. To date, a total of 543 people, most of whom are believed to be militants, have been killed so far this year.

 from XINHUA

Haqqani Network releases video of training camps

i don't like propaganda videos, but this one got enough interest things
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for the full report and the original video click on the link at the bottom
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The Haqqani Network has released footage of its fighters going though training at a camp situated along the Afghan-Pakistan border. The video provides an interesting and previously unseen look at the Haqqani Network's training of its recruits.
The footage of Haqqani Network fighters being trained was included in an approximately 69-minute-long video commemorating the team that assaulted the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul on June 28, 2011. Afghan intelligence traced the attack via an intercepted phone conversation to Badruddin Haqqani, an operational commander in the Haqqani Network who also sits on the Taliban's Miramshah Shura and is a son of Jalaluddin Haqqani, the patriarch of the al Qaeda-linked network. During the attack, Badruddin was in communication with the suicide assault team and was directing the attack from Pakistan.
The video was released by Manba al-Jihad, "a media unit of the Haqqani Network within the Afghan Taliban," according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which obtained a copy of the video. The video was released on jihadist Internet forums on Nov. 11 and was also published in segments on a Taliban-linked YouTube site and linked at the Taliban's website, Voice of Jihad. YouTube has since removed some of the segments.
"The jihadi studio of Manba' al-Jihad, in the Audio and Video Department of the Media Committee of the Islamic Emirate, published a video titled, 'The Army of Badr, 1', which regards the martyrdom-seeking operation at the special conference convened in the Continental Hotel in the city of Kabul," according to a statement that accompanied the release of the video on a jihadist web forum. "The video published hot and attractive shots of the training, wills, and the operations of the mujahideen who participated in this martyrdom-seeking operation."
Although the location of the Haqqani Network camp was not disclosed, a US intelligence official told The Long War Journal that it is located in Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan, and not in Afghanistan. The camp shown in the video is in a mountainous area. The Haqqani Network is known to operate training camps on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistan border.
In the video, a platoon-sized group of about 40 fighters is seen standing in formation. The men are wearing camouflage uniforms, dark green masks, and helmets. The white flag of the Taliban is flying in several different scenes.
The video shows Haqqani Network fighters navigating a series of obstacles while instructors fire AK-47 rounds into the ground. The trainees also appear low-crawling, climbing a makeshift ladder, jumping off of a ramp, and jumping over a burning pit.
Instructors are drilling the fighters on dismounted operations from a pickup truck and a motorcycle, and on an ambush on a column. The fighters are also given a briefing on various US strike aircraft and attack helicopters, and instruction on firing anti-aircraft machine-guns.
The video documents ways in which the instructors put the Haqqani Network fighters through weapons training. The fighters are shown firing pistols and AK-47 assault rifles from various positions. They are seen firing rocket-propelled grenades, a recoilless rifle, a belt-fed machinegun, and mortars, and the video also shows them throwing hand grenades at a makeshift range. In addition, they practice carrying wounded fighters.
Interestingly, the video emerges at about the same time as 10,000 copies of a 144-page field manual written by the Haqqani Network have been distributed in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The manual is "printed on high-quality paper, with black-and-white photos and solidly bound, the manual for guerrillas and terrorists opens with directions for how to set up a jihadi cell, how to obtain financing, how to recruit members, and how to train them," according to Newsweek. "It suggests that training camps be situated far from villages, either in high mountains or the jungle, and that they be designed with multiple, hidden access routes."
The manual, which is published by "Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani," the operational commander of the Haqqani Network, justifies the use of suicide bombers, praises al Qaeda, and offers tips on how to wage jihad in Western nations.
"Blend in, shave, wear Western dress, be patient," and leave behind material that might lead authorities to suspect you are a jihadist, the manual states, according to Newsweek. "You should attack the enemy's weaker points, such as economic targets like the World Trade Center and diplomatic targets like the U.S. embassies in Africa."
The manual also provides information on a variety of firearms and explosives, and gives advice on the use of such weapons.

At least two missiles fired into capital Kabul

Thursday, November 17, 2011 – A heavy explosion rocked capital Kabul early Thursday morning. 

According to security officials, the explosion took as a result of missile attack which took place in the fourth district and in Bagh-e-Bala area of capital Kabul, where the Afghan national grand assembly tent is located.
There is no immediate report regarding the casualties of the incident by the Afghan officials.
But unconfirmed reports suggest that at least one has been injured as a result of the missile attacks.

from KHAAMA press
other sources:
The Thursday strike, which was claimed by the Taliban, injured one person but highlighted lingering security fears at the four-day loya jirga event which brings together around 2000 elders from around the warring country.
"It's apparently rocket shots fired into Kabul," said the city's police chief Mohammad Ayoub Salangi after witnesses reported two loud explosions shortly after 8am (1430 AEDT), before day two of the loya jirga started.
Interior ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said one of the rockets landed by the side of a road in an area next to the Intercontinental Hotel, which an AFP reporter said was roughly 500 metres from the jirga venue.
One civilian was "slightly injured" by the other rocket, Sediqqi said, which landed several kilometres (miles) from the jirga venue.
In a text message sent to journalists, the Taliban claimed it launched two rockets at the loya jirga tent late Wednesday.

Soldier Surprises Son At Waltham School (+video)

Sgt. Rick Young surprised his son at school on Wednesday.

By Bill Shields, WBZ-TV

WALTHAM (CBS) – Nine-year old Cody Young got the surprise of his young life today: his dad got home early from Afghanistan.
Sgt. Rick Young and his wife Dyan decided to make it a Thanksgiving surprise…and what a surprise it was.
“I’ve missed the little guy so much,” said Rick, as he and his wife arrived at the Fitzgerald School to spring the surprise reunion on their son.
Cody was in his art class, when his dad walked in, still wearing his uniform.
No words were spoken, as Cody’s eyes lit up, and he ran to his dad. Rick Young picked up his son, and the two held on to each other for minutes, as tears ran down their cheeks, and teachers dabbed away their own tears.

“It’s been tough,” said Sgt. Young, “because we really miss each other so much.”
But now, this is one Thanksgiving the Young family will never forget.
“This will be the best Thanskgiving ever,” said Cody.
Sgt. Young will go back to Afghanistan in two weeks. But, he’ll be home for good in February.

Nov. 17., 2011. - ISAF Joint Command Morning Operational Update

ISAF Joint Command - Afghanistan
For Immediate Release

KABUL, Afghanistan (Nov. 17, 2011) — A combined Afghan and coalition security force captured a Taliban facilitator in Daman district, Kandahar province, Wednesday.
The facilitator conducted spectacular attacks and coordinated with insurgent leaders to plan roadside bomb and suicide attacks in Kandahar province.
The security force also detained two additional suspected insurgents, during the operation.

In other International Security Assistance Force news throughout Afghanistan:


A combined Afghan and coalition security force discovered a field of marijuana during a routine patrol in Reg-e Khan Neshin district, Helmand province, yesterday. The force conducted a controlled burn of the field, destroying an estimated 500 pounds (227 kilograms) of illegal drugs. No civilians were harmed or buildings damaged during the operation.
In Arghandab district, Kandahar province, a combined Afghan and coalition security force discovered a weapons cache during an operation yesterday.  The cache consisted of 32 grenades and various improvised explosive device components. All of the weapons were destroyed on site and no casualties or damages were reported as a result of the operation.
A combined Afghan and coalition security force detained multiple insurgents and confiscated an improvised explosive device while on patrol in Marjah district, Helmand province, yesterday. The incident began when the insurgents engaged the combined force with small arms fire and then fled the area for a nearby compound. The combined force followed the attackers and detained them.  While searching the area, the force also discovered an IED which was confiscated and will be destroyed.
In Qalat district, Zabul province, a combined Afghan and coalition security force detained one suspected insurgent during an operation is search of a Taliban leader, yesterday. The leader coordinates the placement of roadside bombs and plans attacks throughout Qalat district.


A Haqqani network facilitator was captured by a combined Afghan and coalition security force in Sabari district, Khost province, yesterday. The senior network facilitator distributed rockets, firearms, and homemade explosives, and planned attacks against Afghan forces. Two additional suspected insurgents were detained during the operation.
In Kahmard district, Bamyan province, a weapons cache was turned into coalition forces yesterday.  The cache consisted of 39 rockets of varying sizes, 44 canisters of propellant, and three grenades.  All of the weapons will be destroyed at a later date.
A combined Afghan and coalition security force detained two suspected insurgents during an operation to disrupt a Taliban cell in Pul-e ‘Alam district, Logar province, yesterday. The insurgent cell is responsible for a recent direct fire attack in the area. The security force seized a recoilless rifle during the operation.
In Zurmat district, Paktiya province, a combined Afghan and coalition security force detained several suspected insurgents during an operation in search of a Taliban leader, yesterday. The leader constructs and stores roadside bombs and weapons, and coordinates roadside bomb attacks.

R.I.P. - Spc. David E. Hickman

DOD Identifies Army Casualty

             The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation New Dawn.
            Spc. David E. Hickman, 23, of Greensboro, N.C., died Nov. 14, in Baghdad, Iraq, of injuries suffered after encountering an improvised explosive device. He was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C.
            For more information related to this release, the media may contact the Fort Bragg public affairs office at 910-432-0661 or at .

British Soldier Killed In Afghan Bomb Blast

A soldier from 2nd Battalion The Rifles has died following in an explosion in southern Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence said.

Next of kin have been informed of the death in the Mirmandab region of Nahr-e Saraj.
The soldier was serving with the 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment as a part of Combined Force Nahr-e Saraj North when he was killed by an improvised explosive device.
Lt Col Gordon Mackenzie, spokesman for Task Force Helmand, said: "It is my sad duty to inform you of the death of a soldier from 2nd Battalion The Rifles.
"The loss of this brave soldier has affected us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this very difficult time."
The death takes the number of British personnel who have died since operations began in Afghanistan in 2001 to 386.
The last British serviceman killed in the country was Territorial Army soldier Private Matthew Thornton, 28, from 4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, who was killed by an IED a week ago.

UK, Wednesday November 16, 2011
from skynews

Video: 10 years of operations in Afghanistan (by MoD/UK)

UK Forces AfghanistanA new video, made by the Ministry of Defence from footage from the last ten years, tells the history of operations in Afghanistan and explains why we are there, what progress has been made, and how British Service personnel are preparing to hand over control to the Afghans in 2015.

Ten years ago, British Service personnel first went into Afghanistan as part of what was then called Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. The new video starts with the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 and takes viewers up to the present day, looking towards 2015 when the UK will no longer be involved in combat operations.

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