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Al-Qaida Leader Urges Guerrilla Warfare in Somalia

Al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahiri, November 10, 2001.
A purported message from al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahiri calls for a campaign of guerrilla warfare against foreign troops in Somalia.

The alleged message from Zawahiri appeared Tuesday on the website of Somali militant group al-Shabab, which is fighting African forces that support Somalia's government.

The speaker, talking in Arabic, references al-Shabab's loss of the port of Kismayo, an indicator the recording was made recently.

He urges jihadist fighters to disregard the number of troops and attack them through ambushes and suicide bombings.

Al-Shabab made a formal alliance with al-Qaida in February but has suffered continuous battlefield losses to pro-government troops from Kenya, Ethiopia and the African Union. 

Kismayo was the last major town controlled by the group, which once ruled most of southern and central Somalia.

Somalia's newly-installed central government hopes to restore order to a country that has not had a stable central authority since 1991.

from VOA News
November 06, 2012

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R.I.P. - Pfc. Brandon L. Buttry

DOD Identifies Army Casualty

            The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

            Pfc. Brandon L. Buttry, 19, of Shenandoah, Iowa, died Nov. 5, in Kandahar province, Afghanistan. 

            Buttry was assigned to 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.

            For more information pertaining to this release, media may contact the 7th Infantry Division public affairs office at 253-477-5746 or 253-477-0174.  If after duty hours, media may call 253-477-5543 and ask for the 7th Infantry Division public affairs officer.

from wfcourier:

SHENANDOAH, Iowa  --- A U.S. Army soldier from Iowa was killed in Afghanistan, his family said Monday.

 Pfc. Brandon Buttry, 19, of Shenandoah, was killed while manning a watch tower, his uncle, Steve Buttry, of Hendon, Va., said. He said it's unclear when his nephew was killed and he did not have more details. His parents, Don and Pam Buttry, of Shenandoah, were notified early Monday, Steve Buttry said.

He said they were told there were "multiple casualties" but had no other information.

The Department of Defense had not confirmed Brandon Buttry's death.

Buttry was one of 14 children, his uncle said. Don and Pam Buttry, had three biological children (former Wartburg track star Missy Buttry Rock is his older sister), then 11 adopted. Brandon is second-oldest of the adopted kids, one of three 19-year-olds in the family, Steve Buttry said.

Steve Buttry is the former editor of the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

"He enlisted before he turned 19, but he couldn't actually join until his 19th birthday. I remember him counting down the days on Facebook," Steve Buttry said.

Brandon Buttry completed basic training in May at Fort Benning, Ga., and was transferred to Fort Lewis in Washington state with the 123rd Infantry Regiment, Steve Buttry said. He was deployed to Afghanistan in August.

"He wasn't allowed to tell his parents where he was stationed in Afghanistan. I presume we'll find that out shortly."

Steve Buttry said his nephew was outgoing and they chatted at family gatherings and on Facebook when he was in Afghanistan.

"I'd get a little `what's up' message on my Facebook and we'd chat. It would be a sentence or two back and forth and I'd tell him to stay safe. Obviously in Afghanistan, you can't do that."
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Suicide bomber kills 31 at army base near Baghdad

(Reuters) - A suicide bomber rammed his explosive-filled car into soldiers outside an army base near Baghdad on Tuesday, killing 31 people and injuring tens more in one of the worst attacks this year on the country's military.
Bombings and attacks have eased sharply since the height of Iraq's sectarian strife in 2006-2007, but al Qaeda's local affiliate and other Sunni Islamist insurgents often target local security forces and Shi'ite Muslims to stoke tensions.

The bomber drove his car into crowds of troops and recruits outside the base in Taji, 20 km (12 miles) north of the Iraqi capital, leaving body parts and burned vehicles scattered in the streets outside, police and hospital officials said.

At least 31 people were killed, mostly soldiers, and another 50 people were wounded in the blast, a hospital source said.

"There were army trainees leaving the base and small buses were waiting for them when the explosion took place," said Ahmed Khalef, a policeman working nearby. "We immediately started to rescue the wounded. You could smell of charred bodies."

Insurgents in Iraq have carried out at least one major attack a month since U.S. troops withdrew from the country in December last year. Now Iraqi officials worry Islamists may be gaining a moral and financial boost from the Syrian crisis.

Bombings at the end of October killed more than 40 people, including some in blasts in Shi'ite neighborhoods in Baghdad and an attack on an Iranian pilgrim bus during the Islamic Eid al Adha festival.

Sunni Islamists and al Qaeda's affiliate, Islamic State of Iraq, often hit Shi'ite pilgrims and religious sites in an attempt to drive the country back to widespread sectarian killing. They target security forces to try to weaken the government of Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

BAGHDAD | Tue Nov 6, 2012 6:53am EST
(Reporting by Baghdad newsroom; writing Patrick Markey)

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In Several Joint Operations, 15 Armed Taliban Killed (11.06.2012.)

Publish Date: Nov 06, 2012
In Several Joint Operations, 15 Armed Taliban Killed
During the past 24 hours, Afghan National Police, Afghan National Army, NDS and Coalition Forces launched 12 joint clearance operations in Laghman, Kapisa, Kandahar, Zabul, Uruzgan, Maidan Wardak, Logar, Ghazni and Khost provinces.

As a result of these operations, 15 armed Taliban were killed, five wounded and 11 others were arrested by Afghan National Security Forces.
Also, during these operations, Afghan National Police discovered and confiscated two PKM machine guns, four different types of weapons, 1700 kilos of ammonium nitrate, 38 heavy rounds, four different types of mines, two motorcycles and two vehicles.
Additionally, Afghan National Police discovered and defused two roadside mines which were placed by enemies of peace and stability in the main road of Ghoryan District of Herat province, yesterday.

The 101 Kabul Zone National Police detained a suspect accused of trafficking in the 9th District of Kabul-City.
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Heavy explosion rocks northern Baghlan province

A heavy explosion rocked northern Baghlan province of Afghanistan early Tuesday morning.

According to reports the incident took place in Central Baghlan district at the Sugar Factory City after an improvised explosive device planted on a roadside went off.

There are no reports regarding the casualties as a result of the incidents and reports suggest that the municipality workers are present and working in the area when the
incident took place.

In the meantime Syed Kabir Sahibzada mayor of the Sugar Factory city said the incident took place around 7:45 am while municipality workers were working the area.

He said only one municipality worker was critically injured following the blast and was taken to hospital for treatment purposes.

Mr. Sahibzada accused the Taliban group for the incident but the Taliban officials have not commented regarding the incident so far.

Taliban group and other insurgents frequently use improvised explosive device to target Afghan and coalition security forces which normally leads to civilians casualties.

Recently at least 15 members of a family were killed following a roadside bomb blast while they were on their way to attend a wedding ceremony in Dawlatabad district of northern Balkh province.

By Sayed Jawad - Tue Nov 06, 9:00 am

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Nov. 06., 2012. - ISAF Joint Command Morning Operational Update

KABUL, Afghanistan – An Afghan and coalition security force arrested a Haqqani leader in Logar province today.

The arrested leader is suspected of being directly involved in the final stages of planning a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attack targeting Afghan and coalition forces in western Logar province.

In other International Security Assistance Force news throughout Afghanistan:


Afghan and coalition security forces detained a number of insurgents, killed two enemy fighters and seized 60 kilograms (132 pounds) of homemade explosives in Uruzgan province yesterday. The discovered materials were destroyed at the location.

Afghan Provincial Response Company Zabul, enabled by coalition forces, detained a number of insurgents and seized 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of homemade explosives along with a cache of weapons and ammunition in Zabul province yesterday. All discovered items were destroyed at the location.


An Afghan and coalition force detained two insurgents during a security operation in search of a Haqqani leader in Paktiya province today. During the operation, the security force also seized IED-making materials, a shotgun, ammunition and associated weapons gear.

An Afghan and coalition security force arrested a senior Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan facilitator and weapons trafficker in Kunduz province today. The arrested facilitator and weapons trafficker is believed to have financed the acquisition of weapons and coordinated their transfer and delivery to insurgents for use in attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. The security force also detained one suspected insurgent as a result of the operation.

Afghan and coalition forces confirmed today the death of Haqqani leader Abdul Rahman during a security operation in Logar province Sunday. Abdul Rahman was responsible for creating and disbursing IED and materials for attacks against Afghan and coalition forces and coordinating the movement of weapons and ammunition for the attacks.

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Nov. 06., 2012. - RC-East operational update

BAGRAM, Afghanistan - Afghan and coalition forces detained three insurgents, located two weapons caches and cleared two improvised explosive devices during operations in eastern Afghanistan throughout the past 24 hours, Nov. 5.

Khowst province
Afghan Border Police and coalition forces detained an insurgent during an engagement in Terezayi district. The detained suspect was transferred to a base for questioning.

Afghan Uniformed Police and coalition forces found and safely cleared an IED in Terezayi district.

Afghan National Security Forces and coalition forces discovered a weapons cache in Bak district. The cache contained two mortars and 10 pounds of explosives.

Logar province
Afghan National Army soldiers and coalition forces detained two insurgents during an engagement in Muhammad Aghah district. The detained suspects were transferred to a base for questioning.

Afghan National Security Forces and coalition forces discovered a weapons cache in Pul-E Alam district. The cache contained IED making materials.

Wardak province
Afghan National Security Forces and coalition forces found and safely cleared an IED in Chak-E Wardak district.

Operations in RC-East are still ongoing.

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Update on the DoD and National Guard Response to Hurricane Sandy (11.05.2012.)

November 05, 2012
Update on the DoD and National Guard Response to Hurricane Sandy

            The Department of Defense (DoD) remains fully engaged in the ongoing federal disaster response efforts underway in eastern and northeastern United States as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  In the context of our current support activities the department is focusing on providing unique capabilities to support civilian efforts to restore power to vital facilities and to assist with the resumption of mass transit services in the New York and New Jersey area.
            Here is today’s update on DoD’s response to Hurricane Sandy (as of 9 a.m. EST):
            DLA is using its normal business funds and processes to purchase goods and services in support of disaster relief.  Once the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) activates or places an order for fuel delivery, FEMA assumes control of contract assets after assets are deployed to FEMA designated locations.  FEMA works with state emergency coordinators, who direct assets to the best locations.  Once assets are with the states, the states determine how it’s used and where it goes.  DLA personnel are also on site to assist with logistics and fuel issues.  The contractor has the capability to delivery bulk product into existing tanks as well as refueling first responder vehicles (ambulances, fire trucks, etc.) and fleet vehicles.  DLA received commitments from various suppliers to provide up to 24 million gallons of fuel.   
            -  As of today, DLA has supplied 253,000 gallons of gasoline and 157,000 gallons of diesel fuel to FEMA distribution centers within New York and New Jersey.
            -  DLA is executing the purchase of 12 million gallons of gasoline, 12 million gallons of diesel. 260 fuel trucks are on contract to support of fuel distribution.
            -  New York locations to distribute first responder fuel changed from armories to five commercial gas stations. New Jersey locations are still operating at five National Guard armories.
            -  DLA working with the National Guard Bureau (NGB) to use more than 50 heavy expanded mobility tactical truck refuelers at first responder fueling.  More than 430,000 gallons have been delivered in four days.
            -  In total, more than two million meals have been delivered to FEMA facilities in West Virginia, New York and New Jersey.  Another five million are in production. 500,000 meals are in transit to Lakehurst, N.J., and 500,000 meals in transit to Floyd Bennett Field, NY.
            -  DLA delivered 1,000 cots/1,000 blankets to Fort Hamilton, N.Y., for the National Guard.  3,000 cots were delivered to McGuire, N.J., for National Guard personnel in the area. 140,000 blankets were delivered to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JBMDL), N.J.
            -  107 pumps (1,500 gallons per minute and up) delivered to JBMDL, Saturday.
            -  Five submersible pumps moved to Craven Point in support of Navy Salvage.
            -  51 Generators (500-2000KW) are at or in transit to Lakehurst, N.J.
            USACE has more than 600 personnel supporting Hurricane Sandy response operations.  Priority missions include:  unwatering, temporary emergency power, restoration of ports, and debris cleanup.
            -  At the Hoboken Terminal, USACE is working with city officials to increase the passenger capacity. USACE is moving two large generators to the site to support operations, both are expected to be on site today.
            -  Currently pumping at:  Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, World Trade Center, Montague Tunnel, Passaic Valley Waste Water Treatment Plant, Jersey City PATH Train Tunnel, 14th Street Tunnel, and Rockaway Waste Water Treatment Plan.
            -  USACE has 176 additional pumps with varying capacities staged or available via contractor staged and ready for deployment as needed.
            -  USACE has installed 67 generators with another 30 installations in progress.  Another 97 installations are projected over the next 24 hours.
            -  Special emphasis has been focused on 26 sites in Hoboken to include providing power to twelve high rise apartments.  USACE has one generator on site, one enroute and one being prepared for movement from the incident support bases.  This effort will continue until commercial power has been restored.
            The National Guard continues significant response and recovery efforts throughout the impacted region. 
            -  7,666 National Guard personnel are assisting in response and recovery efforts across region affected by Sandy.
            -  The New York National Guard (NYNG) is supporting power restoration, traffic control, debris removal, wellness checks, and food/water distribution throughout New York City.  The NYNG is the designated water and petroleum distribution agent for all supported state agencies.  There are five military police companies conducting presence patrols, traffic control points, and augmentation of local law enforcement agencies.
            -  More than 800 NYNG personnel 200 vehicles expected to arrive at Floyd Bennett Field, N.Y., today.
            -  Using transportation companies to move generators to gas stations without power, followed by federal and local contractors performing generator installation and maintenance.
            -  The New Jersey National Guard (NJNG) is assisting New Jersey State Police and Fire Department with rescues, security, and evacuations.  They are also conducting debris clearance/removal, high water vehicle operations, shelter support, food and water and fuel distribution, and power generation.  NJNG is still conducting aerial support missions including FEMA damage assessments.
            -  The Pennsylvania National Guard is supporting Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency with sheltering, food/water distribution, and power generation, as well as providing assistance to New York.
            -  Connecticut National Guard personnel are conducting route clearance, high wheel transport, aviation, power generation, staging area support and security missions as part of recovery efforts.
            -  West Virginia National Guard (WVNG) personnel are conducting community assessments, medical evacuation, and debris removal.  WVNG deployed aviation assets to assist with route reconnaissance and support response and recovery efforts.

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US adds Haqqani Network suicide operations chief to list of global terrorists

English: A wanted poster of warlard Sirajuddin...
English: A wanted poster of warlard Sirajuddin "Siraj" Haqqani (alias "Khalifa") depicting a composit sketch of the man and text urging his capture in exchange for reward. The bounty on Haqqani has grown greatly since the this original poster was published. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today the US State Department added Haqqani Network's chief of suicide operations to the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists. Qari Zakir, who is also known as Abdul Rauf, is now the 10th Haqqani Network leader to be added to the US's list of global terrorists since 2008.

State described Qair Zakir as "the chief of suicide operations for the Haqqani Network and the operational commander in Kabul, Takhar, Kunduz, and Baghlan provinces" in Afghanistan. Additionally, Zakir runs the al Qaeda-linked terror group's "training program, which includes instruction in small arms, heavy weapons, and basic improvised explosive device (IED) construction."

According to State, Qari Zakir "has been involved in many of the Haqqani Network's high-profile suicide attacks and is partially responsible for making some of the final determinations on whether or not to proceed with large-scale attacks planned by local district-level commanders." Haqqani Network fighters that have graduated from his training program have been involved in some of the most high-profile suicide assaults in Afghanistan over the past several years, including the September 2011 attack on the US embassy and other installation in Kabul; the June 2011 suicide assault on the Intercontinental Hotel, also in Kabul; and a series of massed assaults on Forward Operating Base Salerno in Khost province in 2010. Although not listed by State, he was also very likely involved in the September 2012 suicide assault on FOB Salerno, which included at least one foreign fighter from Oman.

Qari Zakir is considered to be "a trusted associate and confidant" of Sirajuddin Haqqani, the operational commander of the Haqqani Network. Qari Zakir approached Siraj in 2008 to help expand the Haqqani Network's operations in northern Afghanistan. In turn, Siraj agreed to fund his operations.

Qari Zakir is an Afghan citizen, and is based out of Miramshah the main town in Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan. Miramshah serves as the headquarters for the Haqqani Network.

Read more: http://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2012/11/us_adds_haqqani_netw_2.php#ixzz2BOCIgzYA
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