Monday, January 30, 2012

Three killed in Peshawar suicide attack

PESHAWAR: At least three people were killed and eight injured as a result of a suicide attack in the Pakha Ghulam area.

Among the eight injured two are children. Five of those injured are in critical condition.

The explosion took place at an under construction house belonging to the leader of a banned organisation (Ansar-ul-Islam).

DCO Peshawar has confirmed that the Ameer of banned organisation Ansar-ul-Islam was killed during the attack.

Police are gathering evidence from the site of the suicide attack. 

from GEO
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Traffic accident by German troops in Kabul near US embassy

today morning traffic accident in Kabul

by  Sharifullah Sahak from twitter

- as he said, nobody injured or killed

Suspicious Afghan soldier arrested in Herat province

According to local officials in western Afghanistan, an Afghan security service member was detained along with a motorcyle packed with explosives in this province.

The officials further added, the detained Afghan security service member used to work in the counter-narcotics department of the provincial police headquarters.

Provincial police officials said, the detained Afghan soldier was looking to attack Afghan security forces in this province by carrying a huge amount of explosives.

This comes as there has been growing concerns of militants infiltration among the Afghan security forces and in the meantime Afghan security forces have already taken the security responsibilies in this province from the International Coalition security forces.

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Jan.30., 2012. - ISAF Joint Command Morning Operational Update

KABUL, Afghanistan (Jan. 30) – An Afghan and coalition security force captured an Al Qaida facilitator during an operation in Gardez district, Paktiya province, today.

The facilitator coordinated insurgent activity throughout the area and provided reports to senior Al Qaida leaders in Pakistan.

No civilians were harmed during the operation.

In other International Security Assistance Force news throughout Afghanistan:

An Afghan led and coalition supported security force discovered a weapons cache during an operation in Kunduz district, Kunduz province, Saturday. The weapons cache consisted of several mortar rounds and a quantity of small arms ammunition. Two suspected insurgents were detained by Afghan security forces for further questioning. The security force destroyed the cache without incident.

A combined Afghan and coalition security force discovered a drug cache during a patrol in Panjwa ‘i district, Kandahar province, today. The cache consisted of approximately 5,559 pounds (2,545 kilograms) of marijuana. The marijuana was confiscated and will be destroyed at a later date.

An Afghan led and coalition supported security force discovered a weapons cache during an operation in Achin district, Nangarhar province, Saturday. The cache contained multiple anti-tank mines and improvised explosive device-making materials. The security force destroyed the cache on site without incident.

In Qalander district, Khost province, an Afghan and coalition security force conducted an operation in search of a Haqqani Network leader today. The leader conducts attacks against Afghan forces in Nadir Shah Kot district. The security force confiscated multiple grenades and AK-47 assault rifles and detained several suspected insurgents during the operation.

An Afghan led and coalition supported security force captured a Taliban leader during an operation in Nerkh district, Wardak province, today. The leader supplied bomb-making materials, weapons and ammunition for use by insurgent fighters conducting attacks in Maidan Shahr and Nerkh districts. The security force confiscated multiple bomb-making materials during the operation.
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