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Six killed, 20 wounded in Iraq's violence

BAGHDAD, April 17 (Xinhua) -- At least six people were killed and 20 wounded in separate attacks in Iraq on Wednesday, a source at the Interior Ministry said.

A car bomb went off at a garage of a government office in Abu Ghraib area, some 25 km west of Baghdad, leaving three employees dead and seven wounded, the source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

In a separate incident, gunmen in two sport utility vehicles opened fire on an Iraqi army checkpoint in Abu Ghraib area, killing two soldiers and wounding four others, the source said.

In the meantime, a second car bomb ripped through Baghdad's southern district of Jihad, killed a civilian and wounding five, the source added.

In addition, Qais al-Shather, a member of parliament from the Sunni-backed Iraqia bloc, survived unharmed a roadside bomb explosion near his convoy in the town of Madain, some 30 km southeast of Baghdad, wounding four people, the source said.

Violence has increased recently in the Iraqi cities as Iraqis are preparing for the provincial polls on Saturday to elect their provincial council members.

 2013-04-17 22:36:11

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Ansar al-Sharia leader escapes assassination

The leader of Libya's Ansar al-Sharia branch in Derna escaped an assassination attempt on Sunday (April 14th).
Sofian Ben Qumu (aka Abou Fares) was not hurt in the attack near Ras al-Hilal, between al-Bayda and Derna, Ansar al-Sharia spokesperson Youssef al-Jahani said.

Satellite channel Al-Hurra, however, said Qumu had been wounded in his shoulder.

Immediately after the shooting, Ansar al-Sharia militiamen surrounded their leader's home.

A security source speculated to AFP that a tribe that had accused the militia chief of killing one of its members last week was behind the ambush.

Ben Qumu led rebel forces in Derna during the revolution. He fought alongside al-Qaeda in Afghanistan before being detained in 2004 by the Pakistani authorities.

He is suspected of involvement in the September 2012 killing of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and other Americans in Benghazi.

The failed assassination came five days after Ansar al-Sharia commander Yahya Abdel Sayed was murdered in Sirte.

The assassination attempt "might have been related to revenge or part of the post-revolution repercussions", Benghazi University lecturer Ahmed Youssef, said.

Reasons for the attack could include "personal revenge or political agenda of members of groups or movements described as Islamist".

Former Abu Slim prisoner Jamal Aziz al-Shaari was running Derna, Ansar al-Sharia spokesperson Youssef al-Jahani noted, but denied that there were clashes between Ben Qumu and the family.

"This is part of conflicts among radical groups," blogger Salim al-Ragie said on his Facebook page. "Salafist groups, most of which use takfir as a basis for their political ideology and the establishment of their Islamic emirate, have such a history."

"With the proponents of exclusionist ideology and radicals, everything is possible," government employee Munira Saleh said. "I advise them to benefit from specialised scholars and to learn the true meaning of religion and differences between sects. Our scholars must respond to Ben Qumu and his likes."

By Essam Mohamed in Tripoli for Magharebia – 17/04/13

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In Several Joint Clearance Operations, 38 Armed Taliban Killed (Apr.17.2013.)

Publish Date: Apr 17, 2013


In past 24 hours, Afghan National Police conducted several joint clearance operations with the cooperation of Afghan National Army, NDS and Coalition Forces to clean some of the areas from terrorists and enemies of peace and stability of Afghanistan.
The operations were conducted in Kabul, Kunar, Nangarhar, Laghman, Baghlan, Kandahar, Zabul, Ghazni, Paktiya and Nimroz provinces, as a result 38 armed Taliban were killed, 20 wounded and three other armed Taliban were arrested by Afghan National Security Forces.                                                                                    
Also, during these operations, Afghan National Police discovered and confiscated some amount of light and heavy round ammunitions and IEDs.

Counter Crimes:
The 101 Kabul Zone National Police detained two suspects accused of murder and drug trafficking in the Paghman and 10th Districts of Kabul-City.
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Explosion kill 7 Afghan civilians, injures 5 in Herat

A heavy explosion rocked western Herat province of Afghanistan early Wednesday morning, killing and injuring at least 12 people.

The explosion reportedly took place in Shindand district around 9am local time after a roadside improvised explosive device (IED) went off.

A local security official speaking on the condition of anonymity said at least 7 civilians were killed and five others were injured following the blast.

The source further added at least one woman and two children were also among those killed.

No group has so far claimed responsibility behind the incident.

Local officials blame Taliban militants for the incident as the Taliban fighters frequently use improvised explosive device as the weapon of their choice to target Afghan and coalition security forces which normally leads to civilian casualties.

By Sadaf Shinwari - 17 Apr 2013, 9:53 am

 from Ministry of Interior of Affairs Afghanistan

Roadside Mine Blast Leaves Seven Civilians Killed

Publish Date: Apr 17, 2013
An anti-vehicle mine which was placed by the Taliban hit a civilian truck in Ali Abad region, Shindand district of Herat province today at 08:45 Am.
As a result, seven innocent civilians were killed including children and four other civilians were wounded. The wounded were taken to the hospital by Afghan National Police.

Ministry of Interior of Affairs condemns in the strongest terms this act of the Taliban and prays for a quick recovery of those injured and expresses its sincere condolences to the families of the victims.
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US drones kill 5 'militants' in South Waziristan

The US killed five "militants" in a drone strike today in an area of Pakistan's Taliban-controlled tribal agency of South Waziristan. The strike is the second reported by the US in Pakistan in the past four days.
The CIA-operated, remotely piloted Predators or the more deadly Reapers fired a pair of missiles at what was described by AFP as "a base of the TTP," or the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan. Five "militants" were killed in the strike and two more were wounded, Pakistani intelligence officials said. The Taliban "base," which was located in the village of Sararogha, was leveled in the airstrike.
No senior al Qaeda or Taliban commanders or operatives are reported to have been killed in the attack.
The village of Sararogha has been a stronghold of the al Qaeda-linked Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan. In the past, Waliur Rehman, the head of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, is said to have directed operations from the village. Although the Pakistani military claimed it liberated Sararogha during an offensive that began in the fall of 2009, the fact that the US launched a drone strike in the village today indicates it is far from being under the control of the security forces.

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from KHAAMA: 
US airstrike destroy Taliban training camp in South Waziristan  
By Mirwais Adeel - 17 Apr 2013, 3:44 pm

According to Pakistani government officials, at least five people were killed after a US drone fired two missiles into a Taliban training camp in Pakistan on Wednesday.
The attack was carried out in the Baber Ghar area of the south Wazirsitan tribal district on the Afghan border, a stronghold of Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud where the faction runs several camps.
The attack was also confirmed by another official, who also spoke to AFP, saying the drone targeted a base of Pakistan’s umbrella Taliban faction, Tehreek-e-Taliban.
In the meantime a statement issued by the Foreign Office on Monday condemned the last attack and said such unilateral strikes violated international law.
The statement added, “Such attacks also set dangerous precedents in inter-state relations. The government of Pakistan calls upon the US government to stop such attacks based on mutual respect and established international norms.”
The covert strikes are publicly criticized by the Pakistani government as a violation of sovereignty but American officials believe they are a vital weapon in the war against Islamist militants.

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Apr. 17., 2013. - ISAF Joint Command Operational Update

KABUL, Afghanistan - An Afghan and coalition security force detained a senior Taliban leader and killed two other insurgents during an operation in Marjeh district, Helmand province, today.

The leader is accused of coordinating and conducting direct fire assaults, ambushes, and improvised explosive device attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. He is believed to be a supplier of IED components, heavy weapons and ammunition to Taliban fighters.

The security force also detained three other insurgents and five kilograms of opium during the operation.

In other International Security Assistance Force news throughout


Afghan National Army Special Forces troops, supported by coalition forces, detained several suspected insurgents and recovered a cache of weapons during an operation in Warduj district, Badakhshan province, yesterday. The combined force arrested the individuals after discovering a suspected insurgent medical treatment facility in the area. The weapons cache consisted of small arms ammunition, fuses, and a grenade.


Afghan and coalition security forces confirmed today the death of a Haqqani facilitator, Khaliq Mir, during an operation in Sabari district, Khost province, Monday. Mir was responsible for acquiring and distributing weapons to his fellow fighters throughout Khost province.
He was also a member of a cell of fighters responsible for planning and conducting attacks against Afghan and coalition forces.

During an operation in Tsamkani district, Paktiya province, today, a combined Afghan and coalition force detained a Haqqani leader and killed one insurgent. The leader is believed to have operational control over IED operations in multiple districts throughout Paktiya and Khost provinces. He is also accused of having planned and directed multiple attacks against Afghan and coalition forces, and of enlisting the aid of local Afghan children in carrying out insurgent activities. The security force also detained three other suspected insurgents and seized two AK-47s, one pistol and ammunition as a result of the operation.


Afghan Provincial Response Company Zabul, enabled by coalition forces, killed two insurgents and seized a cache of 50 kilograms (110 pounds) of homemade explosives and IED components during a cordon and search operation in Zabul province yesterday. All seized items were destroyed on site.

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Apr. 17., 2013. - RC-East operational update

BAGRAM, Afghanistan - Afghan National Security and coalition forces detained seven suspected insurgents and safely cleared five improvised explosive devices during operations in eastern Afghanistan throughout the past 24 hours, April 16.

Ghazni province
Afghan National Security and coalition forces detained two suspected insurgents during operations in the Qarah Bagh district. The detained suspects were transferred to a base for questioning.

Kunar province
Afghan National Security and coalition forces found and safely cleared one IED during operations in the Marawarah district.

Laghman province
Afghan National Security Forces found and safely cleared one IED during operations in the Alingar district.

Paktika province
Afghan National Security Forces found and safely cleared two IEDs during operations in the Sar Rowzah district.

Wardak province
Afghan National Security Forces and coalition forces found and safely cleared one IED and detained five suspected insurgents during operations in the Sayyidabad district. The detained suspects were transferred to a base for questioning.

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15 dead in Peshawar rally blast on Tuesday

KABUL (PAN): A bomb blast killed at least 15 people and injured dozens others, including women and children, at a political rally of the Awami National Party (ANP in Pakistan's northwestern city of Peshawar on Tuesday.

The blast in Yakatoot, a congested neighbourhood, came moments after senior ANP leader Ghulam Ahmed Bilour and others arrived at the scene --- the fourth deadly attack on politicians in three days ahead of May 11 general elections.

Bilour, a former federal minister for railways, escaped with only minor bruises. He was shown on television footage with blood splatters on his shirt after the attack. The dead included a child and five police officials.

Police said it was a suicide attack in which up to six kilograms of explosives along with splinters and ball bearings were used. Live television footage showed vehicles burning and people rescuing the wounded in a cloud of smoke.

Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has claimed responsibility for the blast. Bashir Bilour, Ghulam Ahmed Bilour’s brother, was also killed in a bombing carried out by the Taliban militants. A local ANA leader Mukaram Shah was killed in a blast also claimed by the TTP on Sunday.

The party on Monday had warned to take legal action against the Election Commission for its decision of decreasing security protocol of its leaders.

from Pajhwok
By Javed Hamim Kakar Apr 16, 2013 - 22:10   

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