Thursday, March 1, 2012

Teenage suicide bomber detained in Kandahar province

According to local authorities in southern Kandahar province, a ten year old teenager Afghan boy who wanted to target provincial security chief, was arrested by Afghan security forces in this province.

Provincial security chief for southern Kandahar province Gen. Rahmatullah Atrafi said, the arrested teenager boy is around 10 years old and was appointed by the militants to carry out suicide bomb attack.

The teenager suicide bomber wanted to carry out suicide bomb blast on acting provincial security chief Gen. Abdul Raziq.

The detained Afghan teenager suicide bomber who was recognized as Jalaluddin and had gained his trainings in the neighboring Pakistan said, he was trained in a Pakistani Madrasa to carry out suicide bomb blast besides he conducting religious classes.

He also said that he was forced by militants to carry out suicide bomb blasts and was injected drugs when he refused the militants orders.

This is not the first militants groups in Afghanistan use Afghan children for suicide bombing.

Afghan security forces in similar cases have arrested several teenager suicide bombers who were appointed by the militants for suicide bombing.

Author: Javid Ahmad Tanveer, Kandahar province.

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American teacher killed at school in Iraq's Kurdistan

BAGHDAD, March 1 (Xinhua) -- An American teacher was shot dead Thursday by his Kurdish student at an American international school in Iraq's semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan, a Kurdish official said.

"Bayad Talabani, a Kurdish student at an American international school in the city of Sulaimaniyah, shot dead his American teacher before he shot himself," Zana Mohammed Salih, the mayor of the city, told reporters.

Talabani was seriously wounded and was transported to a hospital in the city located some 350 km north of Baghdad, Salih said.

Iraqi security forces sealed off the scene and launched an investigation into the incident, Salih added.

The school is one of several international schools that offer high-quality foreign-style education in English language in Kurdistan region.

The incident is the first of its kind in Iraq's Kurdistan, as the region enjoyed stability unlike other parts of Iraq which were engulfed by violence and sectarian strife since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.
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2 Afghan police 3 civilians killed in Faryab explosion

According to local officials northern Faryab province, at least 5 people including 2 Afghan security forces were killed following an improvised explosive device explosion in this province.

Provincial security chief Abdul Khaliq Aqsai said, the incident took place at Senjetak area at Qaisar district, killing at least 2 Afghan police and 3 Afghan civilians.

He also added, deputy of development council for northern Faryab province was also injured during the incident.

No group including the Taliban militants have so far claimed responsibility behind the incident.

Local officials blamed the Taliban group for such incidents as Taliban militants frequently use improvised explosive device as the weapon of their choice to target Afghan and coalition forces.

In the meantime local officials in norhtern Panjshir province announced at least 13 Afghan police forces were severely injured following a gas cylinder explosion in this province.

Provincial governor spokesman Hamid Roshan said, the incident took place at the first district in Bazarak area on Wednesday night.

He also said the injured individuals were taken to the Emergency hospital and 10 of them are in a critical condition.

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10 police officers wounded in Istanbul blast

Reuters photo via
ISTANBUL: A remote control bomb injured 10 police officers on Thursday as their vehicle passed close to the Istanbul headquarters of Turkey’s ruling AK Party, Turkish police said.   

Istanbul police chief Huseyin Capkin said the device was placed on a motorcycle and set off by remote control as a police vehicle drove past, near the AK Party building and the offices of a conservative business association.

“As a police vehicle carrying 21 officers was passing by, a remote control bomb on a motorcycle exploded. Our teams are carrying out the investigation. Ten policemen were wounded, but none of them are in critical condition,” Capkin told reporters.

Kurdish separatists, far left groups, far right groups and Islamist militants, including al Qaeda, have all carried out bomb attacks in Turkey in the past.

“There are wounded people, many ambulances are coming here after the explosion,” a witness told Reuters.

“It was a very strong explosion like an earthquake,” another witness told CNN Turk television.

Sadi Dinleyici, spokesman of the Independent Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD), whose headquarters are next to the AK Party building, told CNN Turk:

“We were afraid the bomb had hit our building because the blast was so loud, windows were broken and the wounded police officers were given first aid in our building.”

Fire engines and police vehicles surrounded the area, and shattered glass from nearby buildings littered the streets near the scene of the explosion in Istanbul’s Sutluce district.

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Jets kill 18 militants in Upper Orakzai

PESHAWAR: Pakistan military jets bombed militant hideouts in different areas of Orakzai Agency on Thursday, killing at least 18 militants, Geo News reported.

According to military sources, the jets targeted and destroyed five militants’ compounds including two training camps in Upper Orakzai.

At least 18 militants were killed in the bombing while 26 were injured, sources told.

The areas include Samarbazar, Barlas, Bermela and Kurram-Orakzai border areas of Orakzai Agency.
Four militant hideouts were also destroyed in the operation.

Upper Orakzai is the scene of frequent clashes between security forces and militants while government troops are in control of its lower reaches.
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Two ISAF Soldiers killed by 2 Afghans in Southern Afghanistan

a sad news today morning again....

more details later, updates soon

*update3 (maybe final) is above

For Immediate Release

KABUL, Afghanistan (Mar. 1) – Two individuals, one believed to be an Afghan National Army service member and the other in civilian clothing, turned their weapons indiscriminately against International Security Assistance Force and Afghan National Security Force service members in southern Afghanistan today, killing two ISAF service members.

It is ISAF policy to defer casualty identification procedures to the relevant national authorities. For questions regarding ANSF casualties and involvement, please contact the Afghan Ministry of Defense.


from Omid Farooq (TOLONews):

2 Nato troops killed Thursday when an Afg soldier and a civilian turned their weapons against them in southern Afghanistan, the coalition military said.

The civilian was a literacy teacher who grabbed a weapon from a soldier
and opened fire in a military outpost in troubled Kandahar province,
the dead soldiers were Americans.
Zhary district chief Niaz Mohammad Sarhadi told AFP


The shooting took place in the Sangsar area of Zherai district at 2:30am, district chief Niaz Muhammad Sarhadi told Pajhwok Afghan News. An ANA education corps member, appointed by the Karwan Company, fired at the NATO-led soldiers.

“In retaliatory fire, coalition troops killed the attacker and an ANA soldier. Another soldier was injured,” the official added. Full details of the shooting were yet to emerge, he continued.

Taliban spokesman Qari Yousaf Ahmadi linked the incident to a verbal clash between Afghan and NATO-led soldiers on the issue of the Quran burning.


By (@nickschifrin) and ALEEM AGHA- ABC News

An Afghan teacher brought in to teach basic reading and writing to Afghan security forces, along with two Afghan soldiers, turned guns on American soldiers today, killing two, NATO officials said.

The trio opened fire with automatic rifles and a rocket-propelled grenade on a guard tower in southern Afghanistan staffed by American soldiers before dawn Thursday, according to Afghan and NATO officials.

The attackers briefly escaped after the attack but were run down by a quick reaction force that included a helicopter, a NATO official said.

The teacher and one soldier were killed, and the other Afghan soldier was captured.

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Al-Qaida says bombing attack in Yemen message to U.S.

Yemen division 2011-10-23
Image via Wikipedia
SANAA, Feb. 29 (Xinhua) -- The Yemeni-based al-Qaida wing said Wednesday that the suicide bombing attack three days ago on the presidential palace in the southeastern Hadramout province was a message to the U.S. ambassador to Sanaa and Yemeni Republican Guards.

"On Saturday, Feb. 25, Abu Muhjen al-Saghiri attacked with his explosives-laden vehicle the troops of the Republican Guards inside the presidential palace in Mukalla, Hadramout's capital, killing nearly 30 officers and soldiers and wounding more than 50, " al-Qaida said in a statement posted on an Islamic forum.

"The suicide operation came after U.S ambassador to Yemen ( Gerald Feierstein) announced recently that his government will use all of its potential military and human resources to back the Yemeni government in the war against terrorism," the statement said.

"The 'martyrdom' attack bears a clear message to the U.S. ambassador who speaks with arrogance and hubris as a real ruler of Yemen," the statement said, adding "The attack was also a clear message to the Yemeni Republican Guards who not only killed protesters in Sanaa, Taiz, Hadramout and al-Bayda, but also turned into an obedient tool doing whatever U.S. ambassador orders."

"In the message, we want to tell America that its project in Yemen will not succeed, and our attacks will hit American project and its tools," the statement added.

In another statement on Wednesday, the al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) gave the Yemeni government 10 days to retreat its army forces from the outskirts of Zinjibar, the capital of southern province Abyan, which has been occupied by the militants since May last year.

"Anu Hamza Jalal Bil'Eady, the Emir of Ansar al-Sharia ( Partisans of Islamic Law Sharia and the local name branded by the AQAP) in Abyan on Wednesday gave the Yemeni government a 10-day deadline to retreat its armored army brigades from the outskirts of Zinjibar, otherwise, we will carry out the Flowing River Plan of launching a full-scale offensive against the government forces, " the resurgent terrorist group said in a statement obtained by Xinhua.

The AQAP's threats came a day after a local army official told Xinhua that the government gave al-Qaida militants seven days to quit captured towns of Zinjibar and Jaar in Abyan, which the militants seized in May 2011 and triggered 10 months of continued fighting that forced thousands of residents to flee their homes.

Meanwhile, a Yemeni government official told Xinhua anonymously on Wednesday that "military reinforcements have been mobilized to Abyan in preparation of launching a massive military campaign against the terrorist groups during the next month."

Since January 2011, when protests erupted against former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, militants of the AQAP have been working to bolster their presence in Yemen's remote regions.

The group has taken control of swathes of areas and towns across the restive southern provinces, as the Yemeni government engaged in fierce clashes with the militants over the past several months, leaving hundreds of people killed.

The AQAP, entrenching itself mainly in Yemen's southern provinces of Abyan and Shabwa, is on the terrorist list of the United States. Newly-elected President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi vowed to strengthen security and intelligence cooperation with the United States in combating the AQAP that threatened the daily oil shipping routes in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.
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