Tuesday, December 27, 2011

before you jump in: Mullah Omar and the FBI List

read it before jump in :)
today many tweets came out: Mullah Mohammad Omar removed from the FBI's Most Wanted List
Alex took his time and ran around some circles:

Storified by Alex Strick v L

Rumours spun out of control on twitter when it was suggested that Mullah Mohammad Omar had been removed from the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists list.
  1. Pakistani blogs and media outlets appear to be the main source for a rumour that quickly picked up steam among twitter users, many of whom were Afghan journalists. See here, for example, with the Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune's story:
  2. The initial spark this morning seems to have been a tweet by @RatebNoori:

    Flash: Mullah Omar's name deleted from FBI's most wanted list. t.co/84yahgKE@@wanted-grou...
  3. This was retweeted and then repeated by numerous Afghan users, many of whom didn't reference a news report or the FBI's list.

    RT @RatebNoori Flash: Mullah Omar's name deleted from FBI's most wanted list. t.co/UafaM3Bk @wanted-group-listing

    Flash: #FBI remove #Mulla Omar name from black list.

    Mullah Omer is no more a Top Wanted Fugitive by the FBI.

    The 2nd green light for Taliban: FBI removes Mullah Omar from its most wanted list.
  4. This then picked up steam as others started retweeting, googling, and finding the original Pakistani media stories.

    Urgent: Taliban not our enemy lets remove Mullah Omar from Black list FBI t.co/f3ha3Wki
  5. Some journalists questioned the story.

    Wait What? RT @AmiriEhsan: RT @RatebNoori Flash: Mullah Omar's name deleted from FBI's most wanted list. t.co/zTuykreN
  6. I used archive.org's Wayback Machine to check whether he had ever been on the list. I had a hunch that he hadn't ever been on that list. There was only one previous snapshot of the page, made on 14 May 2011, but Mullah Mohammad Omar wasn't on the list then.

    @RatebNoori well, this is that same page in May 2011, and he's not on the list t.co/X44w0EhO
  7. It was at this point that Tolo News, one of the biggest Afghan television stations, seems to have gone with the story.

Read more/full story and for updates:


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