Sunday, December 18, 2011

Salem family welcomes rescue dog from Afghanistan

an awesome story, they'll got a nice, peaceful Xmas

Learn more about Puppy Rescue Mission

PORTLAND, Ore. – A Salem, Ore. family has grown by one after a different kind of rescue mission.
Friday night, the Wardle family picked up “Lucy” at the Portland Airport. Lucy is a rescue dog from Afghanistan, saved by the grassroots group “Puppy Rescue Mission.”

“The dogs will go on missions,” said Tessa Wardle. “They alert these soldiers when people are coming. They’re amazing.”

Hundreds of U.S. soldiers depend on Afghan dogs like Lucy to act as sentinels and companions in a war zone. Many of the dogs are killed by explosives or gunfire.

Tessa’s husband, James Wardle, is a U.S. combat engineer stationed in the mountains of Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan. He helped rescue Lucy and is looking forward to seeing her when he returns home soon.

“To be able to bring that animal home and let them know ‘you’re free.’ Not only am I out of that place, but you’re out too and we’re out together. That’s a huge thing,” said Tessa Wardle.

Learn more about Puppy Rescue Mission


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