Friday, January 6, 2012

Afghan police open fire on colleagues in Ghor province

According to local authorities in western Afghanistan, an Afghan police service member shot dead at least two Afghan police and an Afghan civilian in western Ghor province.

The officials further added, another Afghan police was also injured during the incident.

Provincial deputy police chief Abdul Rashid Bashir said, the incident took place at Shahrak district.

Mr. Bashir further added, the main motive behind the incident unclear and a delegation has been sent to Sharak district in a bid to launch a probe into the incident.

In the meantime, an Afghan security official speaking on the condition of anonymity said that the police was linked with the Taliban militants based on the preliminary investigation reports.

The source further added, the Afghan assailant police who was killed by other security forces wanted to put fire on arms depot belong to Shahrak district police commandment.

Taliban group yet to comment regarding the incident.

Ghor province located in western regions of Afghanistan is considered to be a relatively peaceful province however in a number of cases Afghan security forces have opened fire on their international counterparts specifically on foreign militry trainers who are training Afghan police and Afghan national army soldiers.

The latest incident by an Afghan police to kill their Afghan mates is rare in a situation where Afghan security forces are scheduled to hand over security responsibilities for additional regions in the country.
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