Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Afghan Special Forces not ready for night raids: Officials

Officials in the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan on Monday said, Afghan Special Forces are not capable of receiving responsibilities for the night time military operations.

The officials further added, Afghan Special Forces are still facing of lack of capability in respect intelligence and night time air operation.

This comes as the night time military operations by NATO troops have been the main issue between the Afghan government and NATO officials in Afghanistan.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai recently emphasized that a long term strategic cooperation agreement with the United States of America will be signed subject to an immediate halt to night time raids by NATO troops.

In the meantime Afghan and NATO officials are struggling to hand over the responsibilities of night time military operations to Afghan special forces, which seems to be more time consuming since the Afghan special forces are not fully capable to independently conduct the operations.

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Zahir Azimi also said, Afghan Special Forces are not currently capable to hand over the night military operations.

Gen. Azimi said, night time military operations are currently being conducted jointly by Afghan and NATO troops. Afghan Special Forces require more time to be fully prepared for handing over the night raids responsibilities from the foreign troops.

He said, Afghan Special Forces lacks the capability of conducting night time air raids and are still having difficulties to pinpoint the exact targets of the militants by using intelligence tactics.

Gen. Azimi also said militant suspects houses are inspected by Afghan troops during the night military operations.

This comes as the issue of house inspection by foreign troops has been one most sensitive issue in conducting night time military operations. NATO troops have been criticized for the violation of Afghan culture during the house inspections.

NATO officials in the meantime emphasize for the effectiveness of the night time raids to tackle militants but growing objections by Afghans in southern and eastern regions have urged the Afghan government to oppose night time raids by foreign troops.
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