Monday, February 27, 2012

24 armed militants join peace process in Baghlan province

Around 24 armed insurgents in northern Baghlan province surrendered to Afghan government and joined the Afghan peace process.

The militants group under the commandment of Mawlai Jalaluddin, were actively plotting and carrying out insurgency activities during the past 3 years at Tala Barfak district of northern Baghlan province.

The militants also handed over 19 different types of weapons to the Afghan security forces.

Provincial intelligence, National Directorate for Security Chief Gen. Abdul Hafiz told reporters, the militants were playing a vital role in the instability in this province and were encouraged by religious scholars and Afghan intelligence officials to join peace process.

He also added the security situation will improve in Tala Barfak district and emphasized that the reconciliation process will continue to attract more militants in peace talks.

Mawlawi Jalaluddin commander of the surrendered militants urged the Afghan government to implement welfare projects in Tala Barfak district and further accelerate the reconstruction work in this district.

Around 150 militants have joined peace process who were once acting as anti-government militias during the past two months.

Author: Ajmal Omeri, Baghlan province.

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