Thursday, March 29, 2012

Militants ambush NATO supply convoy in Farah

According to local authorities in western Farah province a number of armed militants ambushed a NATO supply convoy in this province on Wednesday.

The officials further added the clashes continued for three hours between the armed militants and the private security guards escorting the NATO supply convoy.

At least 5 private security guards and 14 militants were killed during the three hours clashes, the officials added.

A spokesman for the Afghan national brigade in the western region Najeebullah Najeebi said, the incident took place in Bala Bolok district which is frequently used by the NATO suppliers.

Mr. Najeeb further added, Afghan security forces were also sent to the area to combat the militants.

In the meantime a spokesman for the Afghan national police forces in the western regions Rauf Ahmadi said, more than 30 militants were killed and 10 others were injured during the clashes.

An official of the private security firm “Arya Security” Syed Abdul Wahid which provide escort services to NATO supplies said their security guards were ambushed by militants equipped with heavy arms including Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers, and their security guards could not fight properly since they were armed with AK-47′s only.

Mr. Wahid further added, at least 5 of their security guards were killed and 5 others were injured during the clashes.

No group including the Taliban militants have so far claimed responsibility behind the incident.

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