Thursday, March 1, 2012

Teenage suicide bomber detained in Kandahar province

According to local authorities in southern Kandahar province, a ten year old teenager Afghan boy who wanted to target provincial security chief, was arrested by Afghan security forces in this province.

Provincial security chief for southern Kandahar province Gen. Rahmatullah Atrafi said, the arrested teenager boy is around 10 years old and was appointed by the militants to carry out suicide bomb attack.

The teenager suicide bomber wanted to carry out suicide bomb blast on acting provincial security chief Gen. Abdul Raziq.

The detained Afghan teenager suicide bomber who was recognized as Jalaluddin and had gained his trainings in the neighboring Pakistan said, he was trained in a Pakistani Madrasa to carry out suicide bomb blast besides he conducting religious classes.

He also said that he was forced by militants to carry out suicide bomb blasts and was injected drugs when he refused the militants orders.

This is not the first militants groups in Afghanistan use Afghan children for suicide bombing.

Afghan security forces in similar cases have arrested several teenager suicide bombers who were appointed by the militants for suicide bombing.

Author: Javid Ahmad Tanveer, Kandahar province.

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