Friday, April 27, 2012

Serial blasts wound 13 in eastern Ukrainian city (+video)

KIEV, April 27 (Xinhua) -- At least 13 people were injured in four blasts in eastern Ukrainian city Dnepropetrovsk on Friday, local authorities and media said.

One woman was wounded when an explosion occurred in front of Globa Park, and another explosion took place near the Opera, causing no injuries, local media reported.

Earlier, Ukrainian emergency authorities said 12 people were injured in two blasts in the city.

According to the Emergencies Ministry, the first blast occurred at a busy streetcar station at 11:50 a.m. local time (0950 GMT), injuring five people and causing panic among the people at the site.

The second blast took place half an hour later, when an unknown object exploded in a garbage can near the central cinema, injuring seven people, the ministry said.

The injured were transported to local hospitals, and a probe was already under way, authorities said.

Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaliy Zakharchenko and his assistants were on their way to Dnepropetrovsk.

from RT:

Four explosions have shaken the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk injuring at least 27 people. The blasts struck a series of locations in the city center. Local authorities have begun a terrorist investigation into the incident.

The first explosion went off as a crowded tram pulled into a stop injuring five passengers. Local authorities say it was caused by a bomb planted in a nearby rubbish bin.

“The explosion was at a tram stop. The shockwaves smashed the tram’s windows, and the doors buckled on two cars passing by. In one car, the airbags popped out. Police were there in a minute, fire fighters arrived in about five minutes,” writes Master_Tyre, a city web forum user.

Forty minutes afterwards a second explosion was reported close to the city’s railway station, wounding seven while the third hit a park injuring one woman.

Authorities say that the fourth blast struck near the opera house close to the site of the first explosion.
It has been reported that some of the explosions were caused by “incendiary devices” planted in rubbish bins. As a consequence police are systematically removing bins and checking them throughout the city.

Authorities have reportedly begun the full evacuation of the Dnepropetrovsk train station causing a stampede of people towards the exits. Local media says sniffer dogs and members of the bomb squad have arrived at the scene after receiving an anonymous call saying there was a threat of an explosion at the station.

Train services have stopped running until further notice.

Local Ukrainian site reports widespread panic in the city where people are afraid where the next explosion will occur. Traffic has reportedly ground to a halt in the city center as people flee their offices in an attempt to get home. The city’s police have warned citizens to stay indoors.

Telephone networks are down in the city after being inundated with calls of people fearing for the safety of their friends and family. Some news agencies have also suggested authorities may have shutdown networks to curtail possible terrorist activity.

It is unclear exactly how many explosions have hit the city with some local media outlets reporting up to ten.

Ukrainian president Viktor Yankovich has announced the creation of group of specialists that will investigate the blasts.
“Our best investigators and detectives will be looking into the incident,” said Yankovich.


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