Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Somalia: 4 Dead After Al Shabaab Battle With Ahlu Sunnah Forces

Eilbur, Somalia — At least four people have died after Al Shabaab insurgents launched an offensive against Ahlu Sunnah and Ethiopian forces stationed in Eilbur, Radio Garowe reports.

The town of Eilbur is located in the region of Galgudud which most parts are governed by Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama. Ethiopian and Ahlu Sunna forces recently captured the town from Al Shabaab agents. The attack by the insurgent group sparked a four hour battle between Al Shabaab and Ahlu Sunnah troops backed by Ethiopian forces.

The sound of heavy artillery could be heard throughout the town and neighboring districts, local sources on the ground say four people were killed in the battle.

Ahlu Sunnah authorities said that they had killed 2 Al Shabaab agents in the battle but did not comment on their casualties.

Further south in Somalia residents of Elesha Biyaha located about 13 kms west of Mogadishu have started to flee their homes in fear of clashes between AMISOM alongside TFG forces and Al Shabaab who have lost much ground in southern Somalia in recent weeks.

AMISOM and TFG forces captured the Daynile district in southeastern Mogadishu was a stronghold for Al Shabaab insurgents in Mogadishu.

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