Wednesday, May 30, 2012

7 killed 4 hurt in air strikes in Tirrah

LANDIKOTAL :    The forces have claimed to killed seven militants and wounded four others in air strikes conducted by the forces jets here in Dwa Toai area of tehsil Jamrud,sub-division of Khyber, official sources said on Tuesday. The sources said that last night at 11.00 pm the forces war planes targeted suspected hideouts of militants in far-flung Tirrah valley and inflicted lives lost on them.

However, the dwellers and local leaders of the area regretted and condemned the action of the forces and said that forces air planes bombarded civilian population and killed innocent tribesmen which must be investigated.

Tela Baz lamented that the forces jet planes which hit his home in the area killed his bother Noorbaz khan his nephew Kafayatullah and injured his sister-in-law whose funeral prayers were performed here on Tuesday in Kafer Tangee area of Jamrud.

Bakht Jamal, a local tribesman while commenting on the incident said,”It is not the first happen but in the near past in forces offenses against the miscreants hundreds of innocent tribal have been killed as collateral damages which is unjuistice to them.”

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