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Al Qaeda-linked group claims responsibility for attack in Israel

Members of the Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem, from a propaganda video obtained by the SITE Intelligence Group.
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A jihadist organization calling itself the Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem (MSC) has claimed responsibility for yesterday's cross border attack in Israel, according to the SITE Intel Group.
The attack was launched near a security fence that Israel is constructing along its border with Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. One Israeli civilian was killed after the attackers detonated an improvised explosive device and then opened fire on two vehicles carrying construction workers. At least two terrorists were killed during the raid.
In videos released by the Ibn Taymiyyah Media Center, MSC members stand in front of al Qaeda-style flags. And, in a statement, the MSC dedicated the attack to slain al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. "We present this blessed invasion ... to the soul of the lion of Islam, the reviver of jihad, and the raiser of the banner, Sheikh Mujahid Osama bin Muhammad bin Laden," the MSC says, according to a translation by SITE.

The MSC also dedicates the attack to "the Syrian Muslim jihadi people," to "all the mujahideen and their commanders and emirs in all the battlefields of jihad," and to the "Salafi Jihadi oppressed lions in the land of the Gaza glory."
The MSC repeats common jihadist talking points, saying it is waging jihad "to become a building block in the global project aiming for the return of the rightly-guided Caliphate and the institution of the pure Shariah."
The MSC identified the two fighters who led the raid in Israel as an Egyptian named Khalid Salah Abdul Hadi Jadullah (a.k.a. Abu Salah al Masri) and a Saudi named Adi Saleh Abdullah al Fudhayli al Hadhli (a.k.a Abu Hudhayfa al Hudhali).


by Al Arabiya News translated to English:

“We announce the formation of the Shura Council of the Mujahideen of Jerusalem as the foundation of a blessed Jihadi operation, with a clear path and features to be a brick in the global project of bringing back the [Islamic] caliphate,” one masked gunman said in the video.

“To the foes of God - the Jews - we say, you infidels must know that what is coming is different than what has preceded and we shall make you drink from the same poisonous glass you gave to the people of Islam in Jerusalem,” the gunman added.

The final part of the video contains recorded statements made by two individuals in armed uniform, one claiming to be an Egyptian and the other insinuating to be a Saudi.

“I am the living martyr by God’s will Abu Huthaifa al-Hathly from the Peninsula of Muhammad (PBUH). We shall leave shortly to undergo a double martyr operation on the border of Egypt with Occupied Palestine today Monday 28 Rajab 1433 coinciding 18-06-2012,” said one of the two armed men who – contrary to the same video - were recording unmasked.

The two reportedly opened fire towards a convoy of vehicles carrying Israeli construction workers to the place where they were building part of the vast border fence along the frontier, prompting Israeli troops in the area to fire back.

Initial reports said two of the gunmen were killed along with one of the Israeli construction workers.

The Israeli army confirmed that gunmen had opened fire on construction workers in the area of the border, but did not immediately confirm the toll.

“A terrorist squad opened gunfire and possibly also fired an anti-tank rocket at an area where (Israel) is constructing the border fence,” Israeli military spokesman Yoav Mordechai told Army Radio.

“Soldiers arrived on the scene and killed one terrorist,” he said.

Army Radio said that an Israeli workman was killed by the militants.

An Israeli military source confirmed one of the workmen, an Arab citizen of Israel, was killed by the gunmen.

In the most serious attack in the area since the Egyptian popular uprising, militants crossed over the Egyptian border and killed eight Israelis in August 2011.

On Saturday, at least two rockets were fired deep into southern Israel, causing no damage or casualties. It was not clear whether they were launched from Gaza or Sinai.

Overnight on Sunday, Israeli aircraft carried out a series of strikes in the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire from the enclave. Medical sources in Gaza said seven people were wounded.

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