Saturday, June 30, 2012

NATO airstrike kill Taliban leader in Logar province

Map showing Lowgar province in Afghanistan
Map showing Lowgar province in Afghanistan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A Taliban leader Mawlawi Sadiq was killed following a NATO airstrike in eastern Logar province.

International Security Assistance Force following a statement on Friday announced, Afghan and coalition security force conducted a operation, in Charkh district, Logar province, Thursday.

The target of the operation was Maulawi Sadiq, a Taliban leader and explosives expert who coordinated the movement of insurgents, provided explosive materials and training to insurgents, and planned attacks against Afghan and Coalition forces in the region.

During the operation, the Afghan and coalition security force requested a precision airstrike. After the strike, the security force conducted a follow-on assessment and confirmed Sadiq had been killed.

The precision airstrike did not harm any civilians and did not damage any civilian property. Anti-government armed militant groups yet to comment regarding the report.

By Sajad - Fri Jun 29, 1:19 pm

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