Tuesday, July 31, 2012

6 militants killed following clashes in Kunar province

Districts of Kunar.
Districts of Kunar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
According to local authorities in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan at least 6 militants including their commander was killed following clashes with the Afghan security forces in Asmar and Sarkano districts.

A local Afghan national army official Gen. Shirin Agha confirming the report said at least 4 militants including their commander Hazrat Ali were killed in Asmar district and another Pakistani militant from Waziristan was killed in Sarkano district.

In the meantime local security officials in northern Balkh province said at least 3 militants were arrested along with roadside bomb at Chahar Bolak district on Monday night.

In a separate incident at least 2 suspected militants were killed while they were planting roadside bombs at Dasht-e-Archi district in northern Kunduz province.

District chief for Dasht-e-Archi Sheikh Sadruddin said the incident took place on Monday night and at least two other suspected militants were also injured following the incident.

Mr. Saruddin further added the militants were looking to attack convoys of the NATO troops by planting roadside bombs.

Anti-government armed militant groups yet to comment regarding the reports.

By Sajad - Tue Jul 31, 1:36 pm

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