Thursday, July 19, 2012

68 military machine guns lost

Dozens of British military machine guns were lost on the way to Afghanistan, official figures have revealed.

Since 2010 some 68 machine guns, 25 rifles, 16 pistols and a shotgun have been reported as lost or stolen, including weapons which went missing in operational theatres.

The figures revealed 59 machine guns were lost during transit to Afghanistan in 2010, although of the 63 such weapons lost that year seven were eventually recovered.

In the first six months of 2012 five pistols and two rifles were reported lost or stolen, with three of the handguns and one of the rifles subsequently recovered.

In 2011 four pistols were reported lost or stolen, with one recovered. Seven rifles and five machine guns were also reported lost or stolen.

In 2010, as well as the machine guns, seven pistols, 16 rifles including four drill purpose rifles and a shotgun were lost or stolen. Eight of the rifles were recovered.

The information was disclosed by junior defence minister Lord Astor of Hever in a written answer to a parliamentary question.

"The figures include reported losses in operational theatres," he said.

from British Forces News
19 July 2012 | Afghanistan 

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