Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Local residents clash with Taliban in eastern Afghanistan

According to local authorities in eastern Paktiya and Nuristan provinces of Afghanistan local residents resisted against hundreds of Taliban militants and forced to pull back from these provinces.

Paktiya deputy provincial governor Abdul Rahman Mangal said around 400 Taliban militants attacked Mirazka district in this province early Monday morning around 2 am.

Mr. Mangal further added the assailant militants wanted to destroy district compound however Afghan security forces backed by local residents resisted the Taliban fighters.

He also said Taliban militants have left the district and at least 1 Afghan police and 2 Taliban militants were killed following clashes.

In the meantime local residents in eastern Nuristan province said local residents resisted and clashed with the Taliban fighters in this province.

Mawlawi Ahmadullah Mohid Afghan parliament member representing easern Nuristan province said Taliban militants were looking to close schools and religious Madrasas after NATO troops carried out airstrike against militants safe havens in this province.

This comes as local residents in Andar district of eastern Ghazni province resisted and clashed with the Taliban militants to reopen the schools and health clinics in this province.

Earlier local residents in northern Faryab province resisted against the Taliban militants at Almar district.

By Sajad - Mon Jul 09, 10:04 pm

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