Thursday, July 5, 2012

Roadside bomb hits Italian military convoy in Afghanistan

English: Map of Herat Province, Afghanistan Ex...
English: Map of Herat Province,  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A roadside bomb has struck a US-led Italian military convoy in Afghanistan’s Herat Province.

The soldiers were traveling in the Gozra district of western Herat Province when the bomb went off on Thursday. No causalities were reported.

The attack comes a day after an Afghan soldier opened fire on US forces stationed in the central province of Wardak, leaving five soldiers injured.

Earlier on Monday, an Afghan policeman turned his gun on US-led foreign troops in southern Afghanistan, killing three of them.

According to the website, a total of 224 US troops have lost their lives in Afghanistan so far this year.

A total of 566 US-led forces died in Afghanistan in 2011. However, 2010 remains the deadliest year for foreign military casualties, with a death toll of 711.

The high number of military casualties in Afghanistan has intensified opposition in the United States and other NATO member states to the US-led war in the violence-scarred country.

The war began in 2001. The offensives removed the Taliban from power, but insecurity continues to rise across Afghanistan, despite the presence there of about 130,000 US-led troops.

from PressTV
Thu Jul 5, 2012 8:30AM GMT
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