Thursday, August 9, 2012

Insurgent’s plan to emplace IED backfires

KAJUR DISTRICT, Afghanistan – Mullah Abdullah, an insurgent in Kajur district, attempted to transport and plant an improvised explosive device when it detonated, killing one child and himself, and severely injuring another child, July 28.

Abdullah used local children and their sheep to conceal his movements and was attempting to plant the IED near a forklift used by coalition special operations forces.

“There is a significant IED threat on our drop zone, especially in the vicinity of the forklift,” said a special operations forces team leader.

A special operations forces team in the area witnessed the explosion, approximately 400 meters north of their location, at around 4:30 pm. Approximately one hour later, a crowd of individuals approached the special operations forces element seeking medical aid for two children, ages 10 and 12, who had sustained severe wounds.

The special operations forces team immediately began the medical care of the children, while requesting a medical evacuation. Prior to the arrival of the medical air team, one of the boys died. Special operations forces medics stabilized the other boy and airlifted him with his father for further medical treatment.

Following this incident, the special operations forces team conducted a local shura to explain to the villagers the results of the insurgents’ actions. Although in shock, the father of the deceased child was very grateful for the special operations forces team and the attempt to save his son.

“There is something selfish and inherently wrong with using village children to obscure the insurgents’ activities that would have likely victimized others within their community,” said the special operations Task Force South executive officer. “It is activities like these that Afghan security forces and coalition forces are painstakingly trying to prevent.”

Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan
Story by Staff Sgt. Nicole Howell
Date Taken:08.03.2012
Date Posted:08.09.2012 03:02

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