Monday, September 17, 2012

8 Afghan women killed in NATO airstrike in Eastern Afghanistan

Local authorities in eastern Laghman province of Afghanistan on Sunday announced, a number of Afghan women were killed following NATO airstrike in this province.

Provincial governor spokesman Sarhadi Zwak confirming the report said at least 8 Afghan women were killed and 7 others were injured following NATO air raid in Noorlam area at Alingar district on Saturday night.

Mr. Zwak further added the incident took place while Afghan women were collecting wood from the mountainous region in Alingar district.

Laghman province is one of the volatile region in eastern Afghanistan where militants have increased their insurgency activities. A number of insurgents have been killed following NATO airstrikes in this province during the recent months.

According to NATO-led coalition security forces insurgents are frequently carrying out attacks against the Afghan and NATO troops using the mountainous regions in this province.

In the meantime a number of local residents in Alingar district on Sunday demonstrated against the NATO airstrike and urged to probe the incident.

The demonstrators gathered near the provincial governor compound with the dead bodies of the Afghan women and accused NATO and provincial governor for the civilians casualties.

District Development Chief for Alingar Haji Noor Mohammad Khan said they want trial for the assailants who killed the Afghan women.

Provincial governor spokesman Sarhadi Zwak said they have informed NATO officials, Provincial governor administration and local security officials of the incident.

He said the operation was carried out without informing Afghan security forces however NATO officials denied the reports and said only insurgents were killed following the airstrike in Alingar district.

A NATO spokesman said coalition security forces were following a group of insurgents and were killed during the airstrike.

Meanwhile provincial governor spokesman Sarhadi Zwak said Laghman governor has sent a delegation in the area to probe the incident.

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ISAF Release:

ISAF Joint Command

KABUL, Afghanistan – The International Security Assistance Force has sent a joint incident assessment team to gather facts about a coalition forces operation in Laghman province yesterday which resulted in several Afghan civilian casualties.

The incident occurred as ISAF conducted an airstrike on a large group of armed individuals showing hostile intent in a rugged part of the province. While the airstrike killed several insurgents, the ISAF action also resulted in the unintentional deaths of a number of Afghan civilians.

Coalition forces take civilian casualties seriously and will conduct a complete assessment of the incident.

ISAF offers its sincerest regret to the families.

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