Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ANP arrests 5 mine planters in Zabul and Helmand

Publish Date: Oct 24, 2012
Afghan National Police arrests five mine planters in Zabul and Helmand provinces
Afghan National Police arrested three mine planters with one AK-47 assault rifle and three anti-vehicle mines while they were planting roadside mines in the Hazari region, Qalat City capital of Zabul province, yesterday.

In the meantime, Afghan National Police arrested two mine planters with one remote control mine while they were planting a roadside mine in the main road of Sra Qala village, Grashk District of Helmand province, yesterday.

IEDs inflict the heaviest casualties to the innocent civilians every day.

Ministry of Interior Affairs praises the good work of ANP in securing the people of Afghanistan and appreciated people’s cooperation in sharing information with Afghan National Security forces.
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