Monday, December 3, 2012

20 inmates escape from a Jail in Somalia’s Baidoa city

BAIDOA (Sh.M.Network)—At least 20 alleged Al shabab inmates reportedly escaped from Somalia’s Baidoa town which is largely controlled by Somali government forces together with Ethiopian troops.

Inmates walked out front door during mass prison escape in Baidoa on Sunday night. New information says the inmates went through and an understanding with the jail guards.

Sources said The escape probably couldn’t have worked without the help of officials within the prison.

Abdifatah Ibrahim Gesey, the governor for Bay region, told Shabelle Media via telephone that local authorities immediately launched a manhunt after the 20 inmates fled from the city, 250 Km northwest Mogadishu.

This happened as in the last few weeks, Somali government forces have been carrying out security operations in the city that once ruled by Al shabab militants.

from Shabelle
by Maalik_Eng
December 3, 2012

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