Saturday, December 8, 2012

4 killed by own explosives in Parwan

Districts of Parwan.
Districts of Parwan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
CHARIKAR (PAN): Four people, including two bomb makers, were killed when an improvised explosives device went off prematurely inside a house in central Parwan province on Friday, a police official said on Saturday.

The two bomb makers were at work on making an IED Friday night when it exploded in a house in the Dadu neighborhood on the outskirts of Charikar, the provincial capital of Parwan, the deputy police chief, Zia-ur-Rahman Faiz, told Pajhwok Afghan News.

The bombers, the owner of the house identified as Mullah Jan Aqa and a local resident died in the explosion, while Aqa’s 10-year-old son was wounded, Faiz said.

Police seized one Kalashnikov rifle, two hand grenades and a large amount of explosives from the house, Faiz said.

The head of Parwan Civil Hospital, Dr. Abdul Wali Qadari, confirmed receiving two dead bodies and a wounded person, he said.

from Pajhwok
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