Friday, December 14, 2012

Coordinated Efforts By Afghan Agencies Thwarts Suicide Bombers

Districts of Paktika Province
Districts of Paktika Province (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
PAKTIKA PROVINCE – Afghan Uniformed Police (AUP) in conjunction with Afghan Local Police (ALP) and Afghan Nation Defense Service (NDS) implemented a coordinated operation to stop six suicide bombers and bring them to justice, Dec. 12.

The operation was devised based off intelligence indicating insurgents intended to smuggle suicide bombers and explosives across the border from Pakistan. The insurgents were monitored by Afghan security agencies over the course of six weeks. The insurgents continued with their plan, not knowing they were being watched.

When additional insurgents arrived in Sar Howzah district with vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices and suicide vests, the AUP, ALP, and NDS closed in, apprehended all six individuals and secured the bomb-making materials.

“This well-implemented plan and coordination between Afghan security agencies illustrates their capabilities and determination,” said Lt. Col. Davenport. “Improvised explosive devices continue to be a threat to civilians throughout the country and there is no telling how many lives were saved by their actions.”

By Khushnood Nabizada - December 14 2012, 12:21 pm

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