Sunday, March 10, 2013

Drone strike in North Waziristan kills two militants

PESHAWAR: A drone strike in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region on Sunday killed two suspected militants, DawnNews reported.

The drone strike targeted two horse riders in Degan village of North Waziristan tribal region’s Datta Khel area. The targeted persons and their ride died on the spot.

Unnamed intelligence officials talking to’s Zahir Shah Sherazi confirmed that two militants were killed in the drone strike.

This was the first strike in March after a gap of at least one month, the two previous attacks occurred on Feb 6 and Feb 8 respectively.

from DAWN

from ARY NEWS:

Updated :   Sunday  March  10 , 2013  11:15:47 AM

Four unmanned US spy drone fired several missiles in North Waziristan area on Sunday killing at least two persons, political sources said.

The sources said that US spy drones targeted two suspects riding a horse in Degal area of Datta Khel Tehsil of Norht Waziristan.

Government and Taliban did not comment yet who were killed in the raid.
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