Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Afghans protest against US special forces in Baghlan province

According to local authorities in northern Baghlan province of Afghanista, US special forces arrested a Mullah Imam (cleric) of a mosque in Doshi district on Monday night.

Doshi district chief Shamsuddin Sarhadi said hundreds of local residents protested against the detention of Mawlavi Baaz Mohammad on Tuesday.

Mr. Sarhadi further added that protesters have also blocked Kabul-Baghlan highway.

In the meantime the protesters warned that they will launch a widespread demonstration if US special forces does not free Mawlavi Baaz Mohammad.

The Mullah Imam has reportedly been arrested for having connections with the militants in this province however the protesters denied his link with any insurgent groups.

Local officials are also saying that Mawlavi Baaz Mohammad had close cooperation with the government.

This comes as hundreds of Wardak residents protested against the US special force over military operations and urged them to leave the province.

from KHAAMABy Meena Haseeb - 23 Apr 2013, 1:59 pm
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