Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Taliban ambush main security check post in Nuristan province

Kamdesh District in the Nuristan Province in A...
Nuristan Province in Afghanistan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
According to reports, a group of Taliban militants attacked a security check post used by Afghan security forces in central Paron district of eastern Nuristan province.

A local security official speaking on the condition of anonymity said the incident took place around 12:00 am local time on Tuesday and continued until dawn time.

At least 2 Afghan police officers have reportedly been killed following the clashes.

Jangal military check post located in Paron district is considered to be one of the main security check posts located around 10kms away from the center of Paron in Nuristan province.

According to the security officials provincial governor Mohammad Tamim Nuristan and head of the national directorate of security (NDS) have travelled to the area.

Reports also suggest that several Taliban militants have created sanctuaries in the area and are planning to carry out a fresh attack on the security check posts.

By Sadaf Shinwari - 09 Apr 2013, 8:54 am

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