Tuesday, April 16, 2013

US military helicopter crashes near N. Korea border

CH-53D helicopters of Marine Heavy Helicopter ...
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UPDATE (Apr.16.):

A U.S. Marine Super Stallion helicopter made a hard landing during joint U.S.-South Korea exercises Tuesday near Seoul, officials said. No deaths were reported.
Initial reports indicate the personnel, including five crew members, were on board the CH-53E when it executed a hard landing, the U.S. Defense Department said.
All on board were transported to a hospital in Yongsan, South Korea, the military said. Several hours after the crash, 15 were released and six others were listed in stable condition. The extent of their injuries wasn't reported.
The crew is from the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit stationed in Okinawa, Japan.
"A comprehensive investigation will take place to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding this incident," the Pentagon said in a release.
The report said the helicopter, described as a heavy lift aircraft capable of carrying dozens of troops, made a hard landing near Jipo-ri Range, about 55 miles north of Seoul.
Yonhap reported the helicopter caught fire after the U.S. military personnel escaped. Most of the aircraft was destroyed, military officials said.

SEOUL: A US military helicopter taking part in a joint South Korea-US drill crashed Tuesday near the North Korean border with no apparent casualties, officials said.

A US military official identified the aircraft as a CH-53 US Marine helicopter that was carrying three crew and 13 other personnel during a training exercise.

No casualties were reported.

The Yonhap news agency had previously identified the helicopter as a UH-60 Black Hawk with 12 personnel on board.

The US official described the crash as a “hard landing” in Cheolwon county, which touches on the border with North Korea.

The Korean peninsula is currently at a state of heightened military tensions, partly due to North Korea’s anger over the ongoing South Korea-US military exercises, which it sees as an invasion rehearsal.

There are 28,500 US military personnel permanently stationed in South Korea.

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from XINHUA:

2013-04-16 14:10:07
SEOUL, April 16 (Xinhua) -- There was no casualty reported after a U.S. military helicopter crashed in South Korea's northern province of Kangwon, local media reported Tuesday.

The U.S. helicopter crashed near a shooting range in Cheolwon, a town in Kangwon Province close to the inter-Korean land border, as of 1:04 p.m. local time, according to the Yonhap News Agency.

A total of 14 U.S. troops were aboard the UH-60 Black Hawk, but all crews succeeded in their emergency escape before the crash.

The military estimated the crash occurred while the helicopter landed. A total of six helicopters, including the crashed one, were doing their flight training from 11:00 a.m. local time.

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