Thursday, May 9, 2013

Indonesian Anti-Terror Campaign Kills 7 Suspected Militants

Members of the anti-terror police arrive at the village of Batu Rengat, where police exchanged fire with suspects in a house in Bandung, West Java province, May 8, 2013.
An elite Indonesian anti-terror squad has killed seven suspected militants and arrested 13 others during a series of raids on the island of Java.

Four of the terror suspects were killed during an all-night firefight Wednesday night at a house in the town of Kebumen. Earlier, an hours-long standoff in Bandung left three suspects dead.

Police spokesperson Boy Rafi Amar says no one from the Detachment 88 terror squad was killed during the operations.

"The terrorists are collecting funds for terror operations by conducting bank robberies. This is one indication they are preparing terror activities, after they have enough funds," said the spokesperson.

Police are investigating to determine if the suspects have ties to a plot to bomb the Burma Embassy in Jakarta in retaliation for recent attacks on Burmese Muslims. Last week, authorities detained two men armed with explosives who are reported to have confessed to planning to bomb the embassy.

Indonesia has the largest Muslim populations in the world. It has waged a campaign against militants since the 2001 Bali blasts killed more than 200 people, mostly foreign tourists. Since then, analysts say most of the country's key militant groups have been weakened.

from VOA News
May 09, 2013

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