Sunday, November 20, 2011

At least 10 insurgents killed in Nuristan by Afghan Special Forces

Sunday, November 20, 2011 – According to local security officials in eastern Afghanistan, at least ten insurgents were killed following Afghan military operations by Afghan special forces in eastern Nuristan province.

The operations were launched by Afghan special forces in eastern Nuristan province to clear the area from the militants activities.

Head of the media department for the Afghan border protection forces Edris Mohmand confirming the report said, at least ten other insurgents were also detained during the operations by Afghan special forces during the past 3 days in this province.
The source further added, the operations were launched from the Kamdish district of eastern Nuristan province and will last for two months.

Mr. Mohmand also said, Afghan security forces are being backed by NATO-led International Security Forces in providing air support during the operations.
Nuristan province is located in eastern regions of Afghanistan which borders with the neighboring Pakistan.

Taliban militants have been widely operation in various regions of eastern Nuristan province, often carrying out insurgency attacks against the Afghan and NATO-led coalition forces.
According to Afghan security officials, separate military operations are underway to be launched in a number of other districts in eastern Nuristan province including the Wigal district to clear the area from the militants.

from KHAAMA press


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