Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kenya to revive police reservists in Garissa to fight al-Shabaab

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The Kenyan government is planning to revive the Kenya Police Reserve (KPR), a programme to train and arm a civilian corps, to help fight al-Shabaab militants from within the local community in Garissa. 

Garissa has borne the brunt of al-Shabaab's attacks in Kenya after the Kenya Defence Forces sent troops into Somalia in October 2011.

Led by Police Inspector General David Kimaiyo and Internal Security Permanent Secretary Mutea Iringo, the National Advisory Security Committee has been investigating a series of such attacks in April. During a meeting on April 20th, the committee recommended engaging citizens in urban Garissa for anti-terrorism operations.

The KPR was formed in 1948 to assist the police in maintaining law and order across Kenya.
In 2004, former Police Commissioner Major General Mohammed Hussein Ali disbanded and disarmed the KPR in Kenya's urban areas after its officers were linked to violent crimes and corruption. He kept the force intact in rural areas, however, to combat cattle rustling and banditry.

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By Bosire Boniface in Garissa  

May 13, 2013

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