Saturday, June 1, 2013

IMU, Taliban launched joint suicide assault in Panjshir

Hanzala and Nusratullah, two members of the joint Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and Taliban suicide assault team in Panjshir. Images from SITE Intelligence Group.

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, an al Qaeda and Taliban-linked group that operates in Afghanistan, claimed it executed the May 29 suicide assault on the governor's compound in Panjshir in concert with the Taliban. The IMU announced that the attack was part of the Taliban's 2013 spring offensive.
The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan released the statement announcing its participation in the attack in Panjshir, one of the most secured provinces in Afghanistan and the bastion of the former Northern Alliance. The statement was obtained and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.
The IMU admitted that the attack was executed under the banner of the Taliban's Khalid bin Waleed spring offensive, which was announced at the end of April. In that statement, the Taliban said it would conduct suicide assaults on Coalition and Afghan facilities. The IMU has integrated its operations with the Taliban in the Afghan north; the two groups conduct joint attacks, and IMU leaders serve in the Taliban's shadow government in some areas.
"This attack is the continuation of series of attacks which bear the name of Khalid bin Waleed' announced by Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in the spring of 2013," the IMU said.
The IMU said that the six members of the suicide assault team "were equipped with light and heavy weaponry, hand grenades" and "were wearing explosive filled martyrdom costumes" and "suits of policemen."
Three of the fighters were from Afghanistan, two were from Uzbekistan, and one was from Kyrgyzstan.
"Those six mujahids comprised of three from Mawarounnahr [Transoxiana, the historic name for the area of Central Asia consisting of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, southern Kyrgyzstan and southwest Kazakhstan] and the other three from Afghanistan, all of whom were on the fidai list (the waiting list of martyrdom-seeking mujahids) impatiently waiting for their turn," the statement said, according to SITE.

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