Friday, May 31, 2013

new book: Amateur Hour by T.G.Miko

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Gary listened as the HRT member continued, but watched a group of men climbing up the fire escape ladder.  It was the same guys who had landed the helicopter, only now one was carrying the other over his shoulder.  Gary could see blood smeared on the limp, unconscious guy, and the small man who was carrying him. 
    The FBI ninja guy discontinued his lecture, and the General said, “Bobby” through clenched teeth.  The old man looked like he wanted to punch someone.  Gary heard the helicopter start up.  They were taking the unconscious guy somewhere, and didn’t feel like waiting for an ambulance.  He must have gotten shot while trying to get the three terrorists who had planted the containers of radioactive stuff all over the station.  The helicopter lifted off the roof.
    I hope you make it. 
    He no longer heard the helicopter.

-excerpt from AMATEUR HOUR
111,000 word fictional novel

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